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1. Komercijalista

      Zahtjevi: Radno iskustvo 2 godine u trgovini namještajem.

2. Enterijerista

     Opis radnog mjesta: Osoba koja bi brinula o uređenju salona.


3. Magacioner

     Zahtjevi: Iskustvo vezano za skladištenje namještaja.


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salon namjestaja namos dajkovic

Awards and honors:

The oldest privately owned furniture showroom in Montenegro with a number of awards at both international and domestic furniture fairs:

- International Trade Fair:
Award for the best quality

- Podgorica Fair:
The absolute champion of the 2nd fair

- International Furniture Fairs:
the best range and offer of furniture.

2010., our company was the winner of the award "The biggest one among the big ones" in the competition which included 405 largest chains of furniture sellers in the Balkans.

Namos Dajković Company

"Namos Dajković Company" was established in 1994 and is the first private company in the territory of Montenegro which is engaged in the sale of furniture. We can say that we are now a leading company in this segment of the economy and the largest furniture distributor in the region.

Our showroom is located on 4200 m2 and is also the largest specialized furniture showroom in the state, with a wide range of products designed to equip different spaces.

According to the latest statistics, "Namos Dajković Company" is the 72nd the most profitable company in Montenegro with 84 employees. Our partners are the largest furniture manufacturers from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Poland and Serbia.

The company is organized in such a way that it has separate sectors responsible for certain segments of sales, Commercial Department, Planning Office, transportation service, sector in charge of complaints, marketing and wholesale sector.

We try to keep our reputation that we have gained and to justify the quality of the products we offer, in order we provide our customers to come back to the right place.

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